Bateman Family – 30A Family Beach Photographer

I love my NOLA families! Meet the Amazing Batemans! In my profession, I literally meet and photograph thousands of people every year. As I try to get to know everyone personally I find it difficult due to the sheer volume of bookings I receive. However, that most definitely wasn’t the case with the Bateman Family 6 years ago. And every year our session is a complete blast and we had so much fun & lots of laughing! I instantly clicked with them and every year our session is a success. Which was a relief because we were initially worried about the weather. We were concerned we wouldn’t make our session due to the rain and wind but knew it was imperative to make it work as time and availability is always an issue for my larger groups. I’m so thankful the skies opened up and we were able to complete it. Here is a few images from our session to enjoy. See you next year Bateman Family!

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