Strahan Family – 30A Beach Photographer

Meet the Strahan Family! Last November, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Brynn & Troy at their best friends wedding. Today, I have the honor of photographing their beautiful family on their return to paradise. They truly have the most adorable kids and surprised to learn they have ASD (Asperger’s). They are so much more than a diagnoses… Hayden is soooo funny & smart, a huge John Cena fan, & had a million hilarious faces. While Parker was a sweet, quiet little thing that gave us the best smiles for her Momma! She just starting saying a few words, which I was able to hear during our session. She is VERY sensitive to light (hence the sunglasses in some images) so we stayed out as long as we could to find a comfortable balance to capture images while not irritating her eyes. It was totally worth it to see this little angel look at me! I am so happy I got to see them and can’t wait to see then again next year. Here are a few images for you to enjoy….

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